Green Office News: Awareness and Resources are the key to Green Thinking

You may think it is easy for large companies to ‘get’ green as they have plentiful resources and large budgets for such initiatives, and in the most part you would be right. Companies such as BSkyB, Uniliver, Marks and Spencer and Sainsbury’s are making great strides blazing the trail for green thinking and carbon saving projects in the U.K.

But the truth is that we can all learn lessons from these companies; as their projects move closer into the public consciousness awareness will rise which is great news for everybody. At Wiles Greenworld we do everything we can to raise awareness too, which is why he have our own charitable trust which funds LitreofLight projects in Africa and helps send children from local schools to see the glacier melt in the Alps.

That is why when we say we ‘Get’ green we really do, and the Sunday Times agreed with us, ranking us the second greenest company in the U.K last year.

Green Office Tip: Raise awareness of green initiatives in your office by holding a vote or ballot for a ‘Green Champion’ of the week.

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