Green Office News: An audit is a good thing to have once in a while…

Although they might seem scary, an audit; be it by an internal employee or an external assessor can bring numerous benefits to how your business. Identifying areas that need strengthening and highlighting the things that are done well are all highly constructive, and often you will be surprised what someone with a different pair of eyes can see!

The next question is whether you have ever considered a green audit? As the second greenest company in the U.K we have the knowledge of the latest environmental legislation and products, as well as the skills in place to provide you with an effective green audit and green business consultancy program.

We have helped businesses introduce ‘Green Teams’ to influence a culture shift to far reaching environmental management systems that can help toward ISO accredited standards.

If you’re interested in our green audit team visiting your business, get in touch today and to see benefits that help both your business and the environment.

Green Office Tip: Want a gift for your office that keeps in giving?  A money tree may be a little optimistic, but some simple horticultural additions will literally breathe new air into your office.

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