Green Office News: An American (recycling) Dream

As the country with the largest CO2 rating per capita and the one that has introduced fracking and shale gas/oil to the world you might think the good ol’ US of A doesn’t quite ‘green’ or recycling.

However, there is a great deal of green initiatives and recycling that does go on. Our favourite stat from a rather mind boggling array is this one:

“If all aluminium scrap processed in the U.S. were used solely to produce standard soda cans, the lined-up cans would stretch 25 million miles – the distance from Earth to Venus.”

The reason why love we this stat is because we recycle ourselves and we recycle our customer’s waste too, including cans as well as 14 other waste streams.

So if you’re office is in London and wants to recycle more, reduce its carbon footprint and measure its corporate social responsibility talk to us today. Our range of green office supplies, recycled papers and stationary can help you save money, and the environment too.

Green Office Tip: Our confidential shredding services not only disposes of your private documents responsibility, and in accordance with legislation, but all the paper waste then gets recycled, giving our customers another green benefit.

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