Green Office News – Addressing London’s Air Quality

November saw a significant victory to Air Quality Campaigners in London with Lawyers representing NGO ClientEarth winning a case against Defra over its failure to meet limits for pollutants under the air quality directive by the 1 January 2010 deadline.

As an environmental company we have long been aware of London’s failure to meet EU Standards and its slow response to this failure.  We were therefore an early sponsor of Change London’s Air Sensa network which provides air sensors throughout London and makes the data openly available.  This allows evidence based policy making but also evidence based lobbying in the hope that improvements will be made for everyone’s benefit.

We are also directly addressing London’s declining air quality. This is demonstrated through 10% of all our deliveries in Central London are made on 0 emission vehicles. Our remaining deliveries are made using a fleet of vans with stop-start technology and whose drivers have been SAFED trained. Our distribution carbon footprint is also measured and externally validated to drive continual reductions when delivering green office supplies to London.

Green Office Tip: If you are looking to purchase office supplies online or create a green office full of recycled office supplies, help contribute to addressing London’s air quality by purchasing your London office supplies through Wiles Greenworld.

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