Green Office News: A stat guaranteed to make you go wow.

Technology. We all use it and like it or night our lives pretty much depend on it. As more and more of us choose smart phones, tablets, and mobile internet access devices its no surprise that our ‘global digital economy’ is booming.

In fact its booming to the extent that one tenth of all the electricity produced on the planet powers the world’s Information Communications Technologies. That’s the equivalent to the usage of Germany and Japan combined! Staggering!

Fortunately the tech companies, most of them, know the scale of their impacts and are doing something about them. More info can be found on this here.

But even if you’re not a tech giant, considering your environmental aspects and impacts is still very important! At Wiles Greenworld we encourage all our customers to do exactly this… its why we deliver in vans that are EU5 compliant, why let you know your green turnover of products and why we have in house environmental experts on hand to help you get green office initiatives and green teams off the ground.

Green Office Tip: Wiles Greenworld London office stationery supplies are your sustainable business supplier. Talk to us about green office product issues today, you’ll be surprised how many alternatives we can recommend.

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