Green Office News: A short Recycling, Shredding & Standards Quiz

Last week at Wiles Greenworld HQ we held a short quiz with our account managers to test them on how much they knew about our recycling services and the green accreditations we have in place.

The quiz went down very well indeed; we’d highly recommend you do the same! Below are some sample questions and answers…

They might even help you to see a service Wiles Greenworld offers to its clients that you didn’t previously know of.

1)       Wiles Greenworld has recently gained certification to which standard (what is it called and what does it recognise)?

OHSAS 18001, Health and Safety Management

2)       New confidential shredding clients should sign a …Contract… to ensure they recognise that any bins/consoles provided under deposit remain the property of …Wiles... …Greenworld.

3)       What is the code, the charge and the conditions of collecting batteries for recycling?

ZZBATTERY, Free of Charge, Customer must complete a WEEE form and batteries must be boxed or in envelope

4)       What is ISO 14001 the International Standard for and since which year have we been certified against it?

Environmental Management Systems, 2004

5)       Going around the room, name a waste streams Wiles Greenworld can collect from clients for recycling

Paper, Plastic & Cans, Batteries, Tetrapak, Glass, Toner Cartridges & Drums, Light bulbs & Tubes, IT equipment, Binders, Furniture, CDs, Xyron, Pens, Confidential Waste, Mobile Phones, Clothes, Foam Board

6)       What is the code, the charge and the conditions of collecting light tubes for recycling?

ZZLIGHT, 50p per tube (less for bulbs), Taped up or wrapped in paper/cardboard

7)       How are light tubes recycled?

Reco-light, where the glass and chemicals can be re-used in new lamps, bulbs and tubes

8)       ISO ..9001.. Is the International Standard for Quality Management; Wiles Greenworld have certificated against it since the year ..2000..

9)       How many tonnes of paper per month do we recycle?

50 Tonnes per month

 10)   When creating a new account on Horizon for a new client, would their recycling be free or charged at £1.75 per bag?

Charged at £1.75 per bag

11)   What is the RRP for a confidential sack collection? (ZZSHRED1 & ZZSHRED2)


 12)   Which recycling company collects our IT equipment and what happens to it?

Recytec-IT. Equipment is re-homed in community centres or charities here in the U.K and also donated to disabled children to give them access to the outside world.


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