Green Office News: A great story about recycling

If you’re office is looking to recycle more in 2013 look further than this recent news story for your inspiration. To generate just one bag of waste in an entire year is no mean feat, but this shows that is achievable… meaning that it is for businesses too!

Wiles Greenworld can help you recycle 15 different waste streams, diverting it from landfill and thus helping the environment. We also have networks with the people who can help you recycle everything else – from food waste to furniture.

We help our clients recycle because we believe every office is capable of becoming an eco-friendly office, recycling its waste and using our green office supplies from sustainable sources.

If you think your office can help the environment more this year why not get in touch, we can even save you money on your office supplies too.

Green Office Tip: Wiles Greenworld consultancy services can help you formulate environmental, CSR and waste reduction policies, and can assist you towards environmental certification with ISO 14001 too.

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