Green Office News: A great green step forward, on our doorstep

Did you know that it is will soon be possible to not just make buildings with glass, but instead to make them with glass that has a solar cell coating that actually generates electricity.

If this sounds too good to be true, click here for more info. One of the coolest things about this glass is that is available in different colours and will be engineered and manufactured here in the U.K.

At Wiles Greenworld we love innovations such as these as they are contributing to a more sustainable future by reducing costs and carbon emissions.

To find out how our green office supplies London can help you deliver carbon footprint reductions, and thus increase your office sustainability, consult with us today.

Green Office Tip: Did you know Wiles Greenworld can now help you recycle batteries and glass? Our recycling service is designed to help London office recycling increase, and improve recovery rates and land fill diversion rates too. In fact we can guarantee that not a single item you recycle with us will go to landfill. After all, that’s not exactly recycling is it?

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