Green Office News: A great green ‘did you know’

Did you know that 2012 was one of the ten hottest years ever recorded? Neither did we until we read this report today summarising reports published by NASA and NOAA.

What more evidence does one need that climate change is real and that is happening right now around us? If you think your office could do more to help stave off the events of climate change one easy change you could make is to switch to green and sustainable office supplies. Our catalogue contains the office equipment that your workplace needs on an everyday basis, yet with an environmental benefit. For example over 99% of the paper we sell has a green credential.

To learn more about using environmental office supplies, talk to us today, and start saving carbon straight away!

Green Office Tip: How much does your office recycle? Wiles Greenworld can help your office recycle 15 different waste streams – saving energy, cutting carbon and reducing waste to landfill.

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