Green Office News: A day in the life of a Beijing resident

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to live in one of the most polluted cities in the world? Beijing, unfortunately for its residents, holds this unfavoured accolade and this link follows a journalist as she spends a few days in the life of a pregnant woman who works full time in the city.

Wearing a respirator on a daily basis and having to use air purifiers at home are now parts of daily life for some Beijing residents, which to us is astonishing.

Thankfully, our air pollution is far better then Beijing’s (even if London does have some of the worst concentrations of particulates found anywhere in Europe) and thus we don’t have to take such extreme measures.

What we do need to do though is change our habits, and behave and buy more sustainably… and that’s where Wiles Greenworld comes in.

Our range of competitively priced green office stationery supplies feature recycled office supplies and certified sustainable office products wherever possible. Combined with our efforts to reduce our carbon footprint and our free recycling service which turns two deliveries from two vehicles into one, we literally help remove hundreds of tonnes of carbon and particulate matter from London’s streets every year.

Green Office Tip: Click hereto read an example as to how we’re helping London deliveries turn sustainable.

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