Green mouse released by Fujitsu

The new mouse is a lookalike of the traditional version, including even a scroll wheel at the base, however is made of much greener components which are none oil-based materials.

Arboform and Biograde are the substitute materials for plastic, which come from renewable sources and use far less CO2 in the manufacturing process than the equivalent volumes of plastic.

The introduction of the mouse follows the Eco keyboard made from renewable materials which was launched by Fujitsu last year. The keyboard has seen great success in saving the company 60,000 kilogrammes of plastic each year. Fujitsu believe the mouse will also contribute to more savings in terms of being environmentally conscious, reducing CO2 emissions without paying more financially and without sacrificing durability or comfort for consumers.

Product Marketing Manager, Garry Sales has said, “It’s the little things that add up- we’re continuing to prove that it’s possible to eliminate the use of non-renewable sources from the IT lifecycle”.

Wiles Greenworld, London based office supplier also takes a similar approach to Fujitsu in terms of offering green alternative products wherever possible, encouraging customers to take a more ethical approach to purchasing.

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