Green light for world’s largest wood burning power plant

The world’s largest wood burning power plant power has been given the green light after it was proved it would not damage the public’s health.

Plans for the Prenergy biomass plant in Port Talbot, which could generate up to 350 megawatts of power a year, can now move forward. In August last year Prenergy submitted an application to change some conditions to the Environmental Permit for their planned station, which has been planned for more than three years.

Specifically, the company wanted to increase the emission limits for nitrous oxide, sulphur dioxide and hydrogen chloride – as well as burning wood pellets as well as wood chip.

However, local people have been campaigning against the station claiming their health would be damaged if it was allowed to go ahead.

Environment Agency Wales’ spokeswoman, Mary Youell, said, “If we thought these changes would compromise air quality standards or the communities we protect, we would not be accepting them”.

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