Green boiler grants offered by NPower

NPower, energy firm is filling the government’s gap of suspended Warm Front Scheme by offering grants on green boilers to certain homes.

Grants of £350 towards new boilers have been offered by the energy provider until the end of March, while the Warm Front Scheme is on hold, to residents aged 60 or over who own or privately rent their home. The grant will enable the installation of new A rated boilers which are more than 90% efficient.

Joan Coe, NPower’s marketing manager for the home team said, “The Government’s Warm Front Scheme plays a vital role in making homes warmer, healthier and more efficient”.

“While Warm Front funding is on hold until April 2011, we felt it was vital to play our part in supporting the nation by offering our own £350 grant for residents replacing a boiler that is more than ten years old”.

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