First global energy management standard officially launched

Today (July 15) sees the launch of marker which aims to help organisations of all sizes understand baseline energy usage, put in place action plans, targets and energy performance indicators for reducing consumption.

ISO 50001 has been in development for a number of years with energy management experts, representing more than 60 countries from across the world, coming together to establish it.

In the UK the system will be administered by the British Standards Institution (BSI), who will oversee its expected replacement of BS EN 16001, which is likely to be withdrawn in around a year’s time.

BSI director of standards, Mike Low, said: “The standard clearly sets out the processes and actions that can enable any organisation to immediately start saving money and BSI will be offering a full package of publications, training, certification, software and a Kitemark for energy reduction verification to help our clients achieve these savings.

“By implementing the standard, organisations of all sizes have the potential to not only make dramatic financial savings but to also enhance their reputation by demonstrating their commitment to improving sustainability.”

With the establishment of this new standard Wiles Greenworld is keen to demonstrate its environmental commitment and will be offering consultancy to all its customers on obtaining this new environmental standard.

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