GE sustainability strategy saves company £81m

GE has saved £81 million since implementing a comprehensive sustainability strategy five years ago.

The global infrastructure, finance and media company launched its Ecoimagination strategy back in 2005 and since then it has been going well.

Ecoimagination is an initiative aimed at building innovative solutions to meet GE’s customers demand for more energy efficient products. In the initial stages of the project GE committed to doubling its investment in innovation and technology to £94 million each year by 2010. Now the company is more competitive in the markets it serves and has saved itself and customers millions.

Clean solutions can and should drive profitability and growth while also making the planet a better place. GE has launched Cleantech products in recent years such as the GEnx aircraft engine, which has a 15% lower fuel burn, making it more reliable, produces better performance and is better value than earlier versions.

This approach to greener products is also taken by London based office supplies company Wiles Greenworld. They aim to offer green products to customers wherever possible and also have environmental procedures in place, such as alternative fuelled vehicles, which are low in emissions.

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