The future is green

Everyone wants to be green – or at least be seen as being green. Back in the day, a corporation’s focus on the environment could be seen as “nice-to-do” public relations ploy. Now it’s inescapable. Consumers and regulators now want to know how the product is made, what is in the product, who makes the product and where they make it.

London-based green office supplies distributor Wiles Greenworld which has been operating an environmental management system for over two decades has been responding to these requests for a number of years. The company provides green office supplies and actively promotes environmental transparency by issuing its suppliers with environmental questionnaires to ensure the company works with like minded environmentally conscious manufacturers. Over 85% of the company’s purchases are made with ISO 14001 accredited suppliers and the company has established its own alternative database of green products which includes country of origin as well as environmental credentials of the manufacturer.

For more information on green procurement or details of our extensive green office supplies range please contact 0208 758 7700.

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