Fuel poverty to cause thousands of deaths

Despite the recent bursts of sunshine winter is almost upon us and this year we’re expecting freezing temperatures from mid November onwards. For many of us this will mean winter coats, gloves and central heating. However, for many others the latter will be a luxury which they will have to go without.

A report into fuel poverty has found that at least 2,700 people are at risk of death this winter as they struggle to cope with rising fuel prices. The review commissioned by the energy secretary was commissioned to provide insight into the extent of ‘fuel poverty’ in the UK.

Wiles Greenworld the environmental office supplies distributor was troubled by the report which reveals that many people will rely on their heating to get through this winter while many others won’t be able to afford this environmentally-damaging luxury. The London office supplies company which has set up its own charitable trust fund has advised employees to insulate their homes to ensure heat is not lost.

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