Free recycling service from London-based green office supplies company

As the environment continues to rise on the political and social agenda more and more waste producers are seeking new ways to reduce their waste in an attempt to become more eco efficient and avoid the ever-increasing landfill tax. While a number of business organisations offer take-back and recycling schemes only Wiles Greenworld offers a complete recycling service that is kind to the environment.

Thanks to its combined delivery and pick-up service Wiles Greenworld can collect recycling while delivering and effectively remove the need for third party companies that are solely trading as waste managers. The company’s customers can book a collection while ordering and as part of the company’s excellent next day delivery service, their waste will be collected at the same time. This unique and award-winning service was recognised by companies both within the office supplies industry and outside of it. The scheme is expanded year-on-year and is now the most comprehensive of its kind. Environmental experts believe that companies that are able to influence their industry through environmental innovation are industry leaders and the many awards that Wiles Greenworld has won clearly highlight it as an innovator and leader.

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