New free ‘green’ reporting tool for SMEs introduced

A free reporting tool has been introduced by environmental business charity, The Prince’s Mayday Network. The reporting tool is designed to help small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) track their sustainability progress. Entitled the “Mayday Sustainable Business Tracker” the tool will for the first time enable new and existing Mayday member businesses to monitor and report their progress on sustainability.

The SME-friendly online tool has been designed to make it easy to report and track simple actions that smaller businesses can take to minimise their environmental impact. The Mayday Network said it will also help firms win new business and track progress in regards to water usage and biodiversity.

“[The new online tool] will make it easier for you to report your environmental impact and track your progress year on year,” the Prince of Wales said. “By helping to find the solutions we need to become more resource efficient, businesses can get ahead and lead the way to a sustainable future.”

Importantly, the new Mayday Sustainable Business Tracker is being endorsed by some of the charity’s corporate members, which are looking to green they supply chains.

Mike Barry, head of Sustainable Business at M&S, said: “This is a great tool. SMEs will find it very easy to use, packed with information and it provides a cost-effective way to track year-on-year progress. Large businesses can use it too, as a way to engage customers, suppliers and employees in the sustainability journey. We’ve tested it with some of our suppliers and seen how they can benefit from cost savings and new business opportunities.”

Part of the Prince’s Business in the Community charity, the Mayday Network is a growing community of UK businesses taking action on climate change and resource depletion. Most new members are small and micro businesses and last year, the charity saw membership increase by more than 100 per cent to just under 3000. Those members, on average, achieved a seven per cent reduction in carbon emissions in 2010.

Upon discovering the news our Sustainable Development Director welcomed the move and expressed his enthusiasm for making Wiles Greenworld one of the first SMEs to take advantage of the tool.

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