We are fighting e-waste together!

E-waste is the fastest growing waste stream in the world, although EU legislation promotes the recycling of electrical and electronic equipment.

A lot of countries across the world are trying to fight e-waste, such as Japan. At the moment they are trying to explore the feasibility of forging the Olympic 2020 medals using precious metals salvaged from electronic waste. That would be a more sustainable way of forging the medals, as traditionally the metal is obtained from mining firms. By forging the medals from recycled electronic waste Japan would reduce the world’s Carbon Footprint, which is extremely important considering how crucial the e-waste issue is currently in the world.

Wiles Greenworld, Green Office Suppliers, have been continuously fighting the e-waste stream issue. At Wiles Greenworld, we care about Sustainability and we want to ensure our clients have a Green Office. That is why we offer a Free Recycling Service as an value added service to our clients. Whenever we deliver your Eco Friendly Office Supplies, we can collect your recycling free of charge. We collect a range of recycling materials, including any type of IT equipment.

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Gold medal

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