Eurostar encourages customers to ‘tread lightly’

Most businesses are now focusing on the need to drive forward a sustainable agenda. The financial benefits are very clear; by using less energy your costs are reduced.

This is a very simple message which is easy to understand, but how does businesses get customers on board? For customers, green choice doesn’t necessarily mean a saving and sometimes even costs more.

In previous years Eurostar research has found that customers have considerable interest in climate change and sustainability and more customers were looking for these factors in their travel choices.

With this in mind Eurostar launched their Tread Lightly Programme. Commitments to cut carbon emissions by 25% per traveller journey by 2012 were made, which has recently been raised to a new target of 35% after reaching this target earlier than expected.

Their strategy to attract new customers on their green credentials involved engaging customer, employees and partners in sustainability. This approach is also used by London based office supplies company, Wiles Greenworld where sustainable development and being green is at the heart of the business. Through offering customers green products and services, such as free recycling service, both the company and customers benefit from these ethical approaches to running a business.

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