Ethical way to stay hydrated

It is extremely important to stay hydrated, not only in warm weather, but frequently throughout the day. But let’s not forget that you can do it in an ethical way, reducing the impact on the environment to almost none.

At Wiles Greenworld, we want our clients to stay healthy as well as providing them with Eco Friendly Office Stationery Supplies. One of the examples of our ethically produced products is Belu water.

Belu water is UK’s most ethical bottled mineral water. This is due to it being the first bottled water that is 100% carbon neutral and 100% of its profit goes to its charity partner, WaterAid. Currently £582,660 have been given to WaterAid, but over £1m is to be donated by 2020. All of Belu’s water bottles contain either recycled plastic or glass, which means you can reduce your environmental impact and make you one step closer to having a Green Office by purchasing  this water.

At Wiles Greenworld, we value Sustainability and do our best to help our clients have an Eco Friendly Office.

For more information call 020 8758 7700 to speak to our Customer Service team.

Belu water


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