Green Office News: The supermarkets are on top when it comes to carbon reporting

As regulation creeps in, some recent analysis has been carried out to see which companies in the FTSE 100 are doing well and which ones are lagging behind. A recent report has been published stating that it is the supermarket industry that has come out on top, which may surprise some.

What is clear though is the nationwide supermarket chains are making great strides in making their stores more sustainable and are making big investments to stay ahead of their rivals in the sustainability stakes.

At Wiles Greenworld H.Q, we are delighted with this news. Although some of us aren’t fans of the powerhouses that the supermarket chains have become, we are all agreed that sustainable investment in an industry that uses so much energy is a good thing.

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Green Office Tip: If you have staff that drive to work why not raise the idea of lift sharing; it will greatly reduce the footprint of your staff commute.

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