Green Office News: Following influential figures and becoming one yourself is a sure-fire way to drive greater participation in green initiatives

At Wiles Greenworld HQ the influential figures followed and believed are as mixed and varied as the people who work here. Where some of us are passionate football fans, others aren’t so sporty and appreciate more sedate pastimes such as cooking and reading. Others of course (or should that be all of us) are hugely passionate about green business too.

The point here is that whether you exert influence or follow a person, an organisation, a collective or a team that influences you their actions are taken far more seriously as a result. Some forward thinking football clubs know this and are exerting influence by publicly announcing their adherence to the Carbon Trust Standard, they include Manchester United, Newcastle United and Bradford City among others.

So if you like what we do, help us be more influential by following us on twitter and reading our regular articles through the website.

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