Green Office News: Bills may be rising, but there is a plan in place for the long term

At Wiles Greenworld HQ, we found it frustrating listening last week to the suggestion that environmental tax was going to put another £100 on our electricity bills by 2020.  The link below to an OFGEM factsheet shows the proportion of household bills that is attributable to each cost be that environmental, VAT, wholesale energy etc.

This link then shows you that wholesale gas prices have gone up 280% since Jan 2004.

The current Chancellor believes that a “dash for gas” is the right course for providing the UK’s energy.  By 2020, if gas prices carry on going up just at the rate they have over the last eight years, then our gas bills will be £798 higher just for the gas, and electricity, if it was all provided by gas-fired power stations, would be £457 higher.

Mother Nature will continue to provide sun, wind, tidal energy etc free of charge over the period.

Hopefully this puts that £100 in perspective!

Remember that the above price rise will affect both homes and businesses and show the U.K is taking a sustainable future seriously to meet its legally binding carbon reduction targets. To help your office cut its carbon, choose sustainable office supplies from Wiles Greenworld and take advantage of our free recycling service to make your London office more environmentally friendly.

Green Office Tip: Top management support is critical to follow through green office initiatives; communication and buy in at a senior level is known to have a ‘trickle-down’ effect.

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