Green Office News: 1 in every 9 Waste Recycling Centres found Illegal in recent report

In a report released today by the U.K Environment Agency it has been found that 1 in every 9 Waste Recycling Centres in England, Scotland and Wales is functioning illegally; either without license, permit or exemption.

This is a shocking statistic but comes as no surprise considering the riches on offer in the illegal waste trade. To eradicate the problem senior officials have asked for both homeowners and businesses to consider who removes their waste and contact the Environment Agency if they have any concerns. One basic measure we can all take is to ask the collector of the waste for the necessary paperwork, as they should always carry it with them or provide information as to where it can be obtained.

Green Office Tip: If an existing customer, remember to store your Wiles Greenworld Waste Transfer Notes and Consignments Notes for two years as it is a legal requirement.

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