Keeping your Recycling Streams Clean

In the commercial world recycling has become universally recognised as a simple, cost effective way to improve Sustainability and meet waste legislation. The stigma around recycling being ‘too much effort’ or ‘not going to make a difference’ is fading away, if slowly.

Despite strong progress in the last decade the UK is still languishing in the low 40’s in terms of the percentage of municipal waste recycled compared to its European neighbours such as Germany at 65%, Belgium at 55% and Sweden at 50%. There are increasing concerns that there is still a lack of knowledge and confusion around recycling.

While businesses are starting to recycle more it has to be understood that the way waste is recycled matters just as much as whether waste is recycled. The single-stream system of recycling which involves mixing papers, plastics, glass etc. into one mixed stream is leading to increasing contamination.

Contamination of Recycling waste means it cannot be reused and costs money, time and resources. Although a lot of the contamination in the UK is through households, businesses still contribute to this issue and are in a perfect position to erase the stigma and educate their employees on the importance of keeping the streams of recycling clean.

Here at Wiles Greenworld, Green Office Suppliers London, we offer a Free award-winning Recycling Service which;

  • Reduces your Carbon Emissions as your recycling is always collected at the same time as your product delivery.
  • Encourages you to recycle more due to the availability and zero cost element.
  • Provides you with 3 bins instead of the usual 2 to ensure clean streams for your recycling waste.
  • Keeps track of your recycling collections and can provide a certificate presenting your company’s yearly recycling record.

We are passionate about recycling and trying to educate and empower the commercial world in effective and Sustainable Recycling. Our service is just one part of how we plan to achieve this; through our Environmental Consultancy we can also help your business become an eco-friendly office.

For more information on our Free Recycling Service and how we can help your eco-friendly please call our friendly costumer service team at 020 8758 7700.




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