Green office news: Why going green with your energy supplier can impact global change.

Going green with your energy supplier has never been so important. Currently U.K energy providers only produce small quantities and trade between themselves to fulfill the quotas imposed on them by legislation. Don’t worry though, finding a 100% green electricity supplier is possible and usually leads to a better relationship as the companies are smaller.

At Wiles Greenworld HQ we switched to 100% green energy years ago which has really helped us continue our carbon reduction targets. We’re on course to reduce our carbon intensity 22% this year.

We believe we can offer everything your office needs to go green. We can provide green stationary supplies, office equipment, green office consultancy services, office recycling and sustainably sourced furniture. We also have links to great organisations around London that can further help you boost your green credentials.

Talk to us today for more information.

Green office tip: One of the waste streams we can collect is waste I.T and electric equipment. Through our partners, your old I.T can be re-used in U.K community centres or charitable organisations.

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