Green Office News: Water is all round us… but is it?

The Environment Agency has recently stated that U.K business could together save £3.5 billion if they implemented water efficiency measures. That’s big bucks! Here at Wiles Greenworld we know the importance of water and the significance of our water consumption; which is why we welcome any opportunity to discuss carbon reduction initiatives and how to run your business more sustainably.

Here’s what we have done in our offices:

  • Installed sensor taps to eradicate the chance they are left on unnecessarily
  • Installed waterless urinals to reduce water consumption

Now we realise these might not sound like much but we’ve been pleasantly surprised by the savings these simple measures have generated, our financial controller especially!

Wiles Greenworld Office Supplies London has the knowledge and expertise to source sustainable product alternatives for your everyday office requirements. That is one reason why the Sunday Times chose us as the 2nd Greenest Company in the U.K last year.

Green Office Tip: Switch from curtains to blinds in your office and use light colours wherever possible to make the most of the natural light around you.

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