Green Office News: Recycle, Recycle, Recycle

There has been a call for innovative entrepreneurs to develop business ideas that will deal with our rising waste mountain in a sustainable way. It seems that as commodity prices have grown so has the interest in the sector; along with the number of govt. officials talking about it.

Thing is, Wiles Greenworld have been offering a recycling service for over twenty years, with the intention to help our customers be green, not to make money. You would imagine that during that time we’ve found a process that works, and we have, by collecting when we deliver we reduce traffic emissions and currently recycle 50 tonnes of our customers’ paper per month.

The service has also grown too… There are now over 15 waste streams we can collect, most being free of charge, so if your office has a recycling enquiry don’t hesitate to contact us.

Green office tip: A Wiles Greenworld approved Green Team could make a real difference to the behaviour of your office, and thus its environmental performance.

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