Green Office News: ‘Hot Ed’ takes the lead on energy for heat efficiency.

At a recent conference Energy Secretary Ed Davey was quoted to say that he isn’t “losing sight of the fact that almost half of the final energy consumed in the UK is used to provide heat”. As Mr. Davey is usually right on such things, we’re not going to disagree with him but you may think that quite shocking as a statistic. It does however provide all the more reason to be efficient with your heating both at home and at work (especially as gas prices are on the up).

One answer to reduce your energy usage on heating is by going greener, and if you are aware of this then Wiles Greenworld is the office supplier for you. We bill ourselves as the Sustainable Office Supplier offering carbon neutral and sustainably sourced office products which will fit right into your office.

Our key differentiators are that we also collect your recycling when we deliver and also offer in house green consultancy services to help you work towards environmental accreditation; just as we have with ISO 14001.

Look out for our work on toner recycling, green fleet management and the Sunday Times Best Green Companies, we came second overall last year.

Green Office Tip: Incorporating green objectives into your departmental KPIs shows commitment toward doing business greener. Make a big deal in your annual reports and director’s summary to show that you are pushing the agenda.

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