Green Office News: Energy Provision; undoing all our good work?

To carry on the theme of yesterday another article has got has been released relating to where our energy comes from, only this one hasn’t been so well received by us here at Wiles Greenworld.

The findings of a recent research study have revealed that there are currently plans for a further 1000+ coal powered power stations to be built around the world, with most to be found in India and China. It is thought the combined emissions of these power stations equate to the same level currently of pollution produced by China, the world’s largest emitter.

Campaign groups are doing all they can to reign in the coal producers who are thought to be causing the influx, pitching high yield business cases to banks to get them to lend the funds needed for the stations to be built.

In the U.K, the proportion of coal in our energy production is currently around 30%, which is still a lot of coal! To reduce our interests in coal (and other fossil fuels) and to help improve the viability of renewable energy production around the world it is important for us to back these sources now.

Transferring to a green energy supplier, backing renewable projects and lobbying government to see through their low-carbon energy program are things everybody can do, and will also help promote energy provision change throughout the world.

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