Green Office News: Certification, Certification, Certification

At Wiles HQ we know the importance of having the right paperwork in place, especially when we are dealing with the recycling of other businesses’ waste.

That is why we have internal management systems that meet ISO 9001 and 14001 standards to help us ensure we meet and exceed the legal and environmental legislation surrounding us. Our green office knowledge and experience means we can provide consultancy services surrounding the achievement of these standards.

Our range of FSC/PEFC content sustainable office supplies means we are registered with these organisations too, helping to protect the forests which provide us with the air we breathe.

To find out more on how your office could be an environmental office and an eco-friendly office talk to us today or have a browse through our online catalogue which highlights the sustainable credentials of the products available.

Green Office Tip: Using too much paper in your office?? Improving the paper quality may encourage your people think again about unnecessary printing.

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