Green Office News – Being Internationally Recognised as a Pioneering Green Company

We have been internationally recognised as a case study for how an SME can embed sustainability into its core business practices. On Thursday MBA students from the University of Minnesota spent the afternoon at our offices to learn about how an SME can not only continually reduce its impact on the environment but also continue to grow the bottom line at the same time.

The students, from Carlson School of Management, had already visited organisations such as The Guardian and PWC and were keen to gain a perspective of a smaller company in a different market space. The visit entailed an interactive question and answer session in which Toby Robins, our Sustainable Development Director, gave a brief overview as to history of the company and his motivations for striving to spread the green message at a time when no one wanted to listen.

The students were keen to learn how we have created staff engagement on green issues and reducing our environmental impact so they could implement such schemes when they returned to their professions. What was interesting for us was hearing our practices being grounded in academic theory and having a different perspective on how we are approaching the green agenda and embedding sustainable business principles within all our management systems.

One way that has let us know we have made a positive impression on them is that their professor has already stated that he is keen to visit us again next year with a new group of MBA students and we are already looking forward to it!

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