Green Office News: A tale of bureaucracy

Although the aviation industry is one of the highest emitters of any, it was announced today that the E.U have suspended their plan to charge airlines for carbon permits when using European Airspace. Click here  for more details.

As you can imagine there have been mixed reviews to this stark turnaround on position from the European commission, including from our staff here at Wiles Greenworld H.Q. Although some think this will stop flight charges spiralling too dramatically, others are disappointed by this back-down that would have rightly made plane operators pay for their emissions using a transparent system.

The reasons for the suspension are for too complicated to discuss here, but needless to say most of them are a due to too much bureaucracy (red tape) restricting meaningful action.

This is why it is so important to do everything you can to push the green agenda and show policy makers we, as consumers, want systems like this in place to help our planet.

Wiles Greenworld can help you start, by supplying your office with sustainable office products and stationary. We can also grow your office recycling and help you reduce your carbon emissions as a business through our hands on consultancy programs.

Green Office Tip: Printing double sided is an easy and cheap sustainable solution, even if you have to boost the GSM count of your printer paper to compensate.

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