Environmental office supplies that don’t cost the earth

Whether you’re committed to the environment or keen to reduce cost through improved efficiency, we believe that all businesses, large and small, can make an effort to reduce their environmental impact through the procurement of green office supplies.

If you strive to reduce, re-use, recycle and conserve energy then you need to work with suppliers that share your values and beliefs. At Wiles Greenworld, as a green office supplies distributor, we have been reducing our carbon footprint by 10% year on year. On top of this, 40% of our sales come from green office supplies. Our extensive range of eco friendly products spans from FSC paper to recycled toner cartridges and biodegradable foam board.

In addition, we also offer a complete recycling scheme. Every year, millions of used printer, fax, copier cartridges and even mobile telephones are thrown away, yet these products can be recycled for environmental and financial benefit. Legislation places a requirement upon all of us to dispose of these products in an eco-friendly manner. Failure to follow our duty of care requirements can lead to fines. However, we have taken the initiative to launch a comprehensive recycling service which recycles paper, cardboard, plastic, toner cartridges, batteries, discs and WEEE. The service is offered to all customers.

Having been accredited to ISO 14001 since 2004 and holding over 20 environmental awards and accreditations including the prestigious Sunday Times Best Green Companies award for the third year running means we know a little something about the environment and we are keen to share it. Our environmental constancy service is uniquely tailored to meet your business needs and can help you secure environmental accreditation. For these reasons, and many more Wiles Greenworld is one office supplies distributor that can delivery eco friendly office supplies without costing the earth.

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