Energy managers predict lower interest in royal wedding

A variation of factors is likely to lead to increased demand on the UK’s energy system, but not on the same scale of the 1981 wedding of Charles and Diane, according to research carried out by the National Grid.

The 1981 wedding saw an energy surge of 1800 megawatts equivalent to 720,000 kettles being boiled at the same time, as the nation stared at TV sets and made pots of tea.

However, the National Grid control centre is predicting a boiling kettle driven pick up in power of between only 1200 and 1600 megawatts as the ceremony takes place.

Power is likely to rise steadily throughout the morning, but as the televised coverage begins there will be an overall decrease in demand as millions of people watch television rather than pursuing their normal day to day activities.

Surges of demand will occur once viewers have watched specific moments in the ceremony. According to the National Grid after these moments viewers will go and switch their kettles on.

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