Energy bill hikes could push consumers to renewable heat

The forthcoming hike in energy bills could lead more households and business organisations to consider investing in renewable heat systems as experts begin to examine the benefits of the technology.

Writing for the Guardian, Simon Birch from Ethical Consumer Magazine noted that ground source heat pumps are highly efficient at providing up to 80 per cent of hot water and heating needs to a property, although it is expensive to install.

This could mean that consumers will benefit from the Renewable Heat Incentive’s Renewable Heat Premium Payment, a £15 million fund to help consumers pay for the technology.

Wiles Greenworld, the London-based green office supplies distributor which offers environmental consultancy and free recycling to all its customers recommends that companies start monitoring their utilities to control consumption. As energy prices continue to increase a first step for many businesses should be to monitor their consumption. If levels are moderate or high the company may wish to explore the possibility of investing in renewable energy.

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