Embracing sustainability even for the cautious

Almost all organisations these days accept the substantial benefits of sustainability practices, whether making facilities more energy efficient or offering products that save customers money. Some companies, though, are taking aggressive steps to make sustainability core to every part of their operations, showing the path businesses that want to be successful need to follow.

A recent sustainability survey suggests two types of organisations engaging in sustainability, these are the embracers and cautious adopters. Embracers are usually larger organisations that deal with big workforces and bigger resource use while the adopters are the smaller to medium organisations.

Embracers often view sustainability as a way to get a competitive edge on others, attract new customers and boost market share. They’re also more willing to take a chance on things that can’t be assigned clear monetary values. Whether big or small most businesses see sustainability as a necessary component in the future.

Wiles Greenworld, London office supplies distributor known for its waste reduction policy and green office supplies is one SME that has recognised the benefits of sustainability. The company that provides environmental office supplies to a customer base in London has achieved cost reduction year on year and has reduced its carbon emissions by over 10% year on year since it started measuring its carbon footprint.

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