Economy making offices green

The age of austerity is making us more environmentally conscious at work, according to a national survey. The YouGov poll found that nearly half (47%) of UK office workers said that their offices have actively become greener as a result of the economic downturn.

Fifty percent of office workers say they have personally become “greener” and 24% say they could be even greener at work with more encouragement from management. More than half (57%) believe a greener office saves money.

The survey found the most common practical ways that office workers were personally greener included recycling paper (69%) turning off computer equipment (67%) switching off lighting (61%) and printing double sided (48%).

Wiles Greenworld London office supplies distributor was suitably impressed but not surprised as it has witnessed a great number of businesses becoming greener in the last two years. The environmental office supplies company says that carbon reduction, sustainability and efficiency are now high on everybody’s agenda.

More organisations are buying recycled office supplies and are recycling at work than ever before. The office supplies company anticipates the above figures to grow even further as the economy recovers from the downturn.

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