Eco Friendly Office can begin with small changes!

Wiles Greenworld takes pride in being the number one Green Office Suppliers in London. We care about the environment which is why we focus on implementing a Waste Reduction Policy through encouraging activities such as recycling not only at our company but at yours as well!

Did you know that at Wiles Greenworld we can provide your business with the means to reduce your office waste? Why not recycle with Wiles Greenworld and allow us to help you with your waste and even design a waste reduction policy for your company.

Alongside providing environmental office supplies, stationary supplies and green products, we also provide recycling boxes such as our battery and pen box and our paper recycling trays. These provide you with a convenient way to recycle whilst not having to leave your work station.

If you would like us to send you a sample of our recycling boxes, please email: or call 02087587700.



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