DSE Assessments

Here at Wiles Greenworld, London’s leading Green Office Suppliers, we continually support a transition to a Green working environment alongside a healthy, productive and comfortable office.

To help your business prevent workstation related injuries, we have a service which assesses the work place environment through desk based assessments. We have our very health & safety expert who will visit our  customers’ offices, to carry out the Display Screen Equipment (DSE) Assessment.

With our selection of furniture and the workplace assessments that are carried out we can find solutions for dealing with back tension, wrist pressure, neck strain and desk organisation.

These four ergonomic zones have a huge impact on every employee’s health, productivity and comfort.

We want to ensure our clients are comfortable in their work environment as we care about their well- being, by creating a safe work environment in their Environmental Office we aim to reduce the chances of long term injuries such as strain which is a result of incorrect posture at work.

To book an assessment or to find out more please call 02087587700 or email sales@wilesgreenworld.co.uk.


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