Don’t underestimate the environmental impact of transportation

When considering the environmental impact of the business industry many would be forgiven for thinking production has the biggest impact. While this is a fair assumption, especially for big companies that are production-focused one must not forget the environmental impact of transportation, after all some companies are entirely service based.

According to a national report, transportation accounts for around 15% of global emissions. In addition, the report states that air freight emissions accounted for 15% in 2010, while bus travel accounted for 5.7%, rail travel accounted for 2.3%, trucks 22%, LDVs 42%, 2-3 wheelers 2% and water-borne 10.3%.

Following the alarming figures, Wiles Greenworld, the London-based office supplies distributor known for its continued commitment to sustainable development and waste reduction has calculated its own level of carbon emission released through transportation and has found that this accounts for 17% of total carbon footprint.

Keen to reduce this figure, the company has devised a travel policy which favours the recruitment of local a workforce, fuel monitoring and driving efficiency. The company believes that by having a policy in place and communicating it to the workforce it will be able to reduce its carbon footprint beyond the 10% it has already achieved year on year.

If you would like to receive help in creating a travel policy please contact Wiles Greenworld on 0208 758 7700.

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