Desirable Branding

According to research, human desire is the fundamental motivation of all human action, therefore brands that can evoke this powerful emotion in consumers are likely to get ahead of competitors and generate a higher return on investment for shareholders.

The research also found that desirability does not apply to expensive products, as only eight of the top twenty most desirable brands were expensive, luxury labels.

The top twenty desirable brands feature many different types of ranges from luxury to mainstream and technology to charities. For example Fair-trade is ranked at number nine out of the top twenty which shows that a brand doesn’t need to be luxurious in order to be desired it simply needs to have ethical values in order to catch consumers attention.

This type of ethical value is used by Wiles Greenworld, London based office Supplies Company. By having ethical values at the heart of the company Wiles Greenworld promotes Fairtrade items as part of it product range and encourages the selling of green alternative products wherever possible.

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