Cutting emissions

The outstanding Eden Project has announced plans to cut more than half of its carbon emissions by 2015.

In four years Cornwall’s Eden wants to reduce emissions by 55%, which is also a reduction of 80% in CO2 against a 2008 baseline. A raft of new efficiency measures designed to cut its CO2 emissions by a quarter during the next two years. Among the energy reduction measures is what’s claimed to be the biggest installation of LED light in the country. About 746 new LED have also be installed across Ede, which will save in the region of 51 tonnes of CO2 a year.

Similar to this Wiles Greenworld, London based office Supplies Company also reduces their carbon emissions year on year through using green methods such as alternative fuelled fleet vehicles. By supporting sustainable development their impact on the environment is minimal, and this positive message is passed onto their customers through a free of charge recycling service in the London area and offering environmental consultancy too.

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