Creativity with a positive environmental impact!

We at Wiles Greenworld the Green Office Supplies company are continuously searching for Environmental Office Supplies for our clients. One of the industries we supply to is the design industry, and we have also found alternative Green Products for these clients.

Here are two of our favourite design products:

EcoBoard is the best presentation and display board option, this board is constructed with a good percentage of recycled materials without compromising on strength or visual impact. By not mixing paper and plastic in its fabrication, the board can be simply recycled.

Biodegradable foam boards are formulated with not less than 15% recycled content & our biodegradable foam boards break down harmlessly within 5 years. They are covered with smooth, bright white paper liners formulated from wood products certified by the Sustainable Forest Initiative (SFI). Its performance is identical to standard foam board, but with a positive environmental impact. Biodegradable foam boards available in:-A1, A2, A3 and A4.

  • White
  • Self-Adhesive

Contact us for more information or if you would like to purchase any on 020 8758 7700.

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