Council waste services

The research found that 14.7 million people in Britain would consider joining a ‘volunteer army’ to safeguard vital frontline council services in the face of significant local authority budget cuts.

Of those surveyed, 31% said they would be willing to help run services either as part of a ‘people’s management team’ or as a volunteer, with 10% saying they would help raise funds to improve local services.

In addition, one in five (20%) British adults said they would be willing to participate in a committee to help improve the standard of council services in their area.

The news should come as a boost to councils, as the study also found that just 15% of people are unhappy with the services provided by their authority. Over half of British residents (54%) said they were very happy or happy with the services provided.

Refuse and recycling was cited as the most critical council service by 41% of respondents, followed by schools and adult education (17%), road maintenance and social services (both chosen by 8%).

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