Company takes the biscuit with waste cuts

These four sites made the cuts by reducing the amount of waste being brought into the business and by burning any residual waste that could not be recycled normally to create energy from waste in an incinerator.

The firm has had severally successes in meeting targets in advance. For example last year they achieved a target of zero food waste to landfill by 2010 a year early than predicted. After achieving a 44% reduction in non-food waste to landfill in 2009, this success then brought forwards its target of zero non-food waste to landfill in 2012 from the original deadline of 2015.

Mark Thorpe said, “We’ll continue to increase recycling, reduce the amount of waste we bring into sites, and as a last resort, incinerate waste to create energy, but we’ll also look to reduce the amount of waste we generate internally and work with our suppliers to identify ways they can help us achieve our target”.

Wiles Greenworld also takes a similar view to United Biscuits, as the London based office Supplies Company offers a free recycling service to customers, and also has zero waste to landfill.

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