Closed loop production is the future of sustainable business

Waste reduction and recycling are two powerful contributors in the fight for more sustainable business but alone they are not enough to combat resource depletion. Closed loop production refers to the manufacturing of products without reliance on natural or diminishing resources. The process involves using non-virgin material to make commodities to serve our needs.

In a number of industries closed loop manufacturing makes sense because the raw material needed has already been extracted therefore there’s no need for additional material. Imagine if your next personal computer was made entirely of recycled material and when you’ve set it all up the same company that sold your new PC takes away your old machine to be reused. This system omits the need for material extraction and contributes towards the decrease in the cost of manufacturing. The seeds have already been sawn and closed loop production is becoming more popular with socially conscious sustainability leaders such as Wiles Greenworld the London office supplies distributor.

For more information on closed loop production and how Wiles Greenworld is contributing contact us today on 0208 758 7700.

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