Climate change and resource scarcity

As the world population is rising, the demand for energy, food and water is increasing. However, Earth has a finite amount of natural resources that can be used to satisfy our needs.

A growing global population is expected to demand 35% more food by 2030. The inter connectivity between trends in climate change and resource scarcity is amplifying the impact: climate change could reduce agricultural productivity by up to a third across large parts of Africa over the next 60 years. Globally, demand for water will increase by 40% and for energy by 50%.

This means the world’s current economic model is pushing beyond the limits of the planet’s ability to cope.

There is increasing certainty, too, about rising sea-levels. The current prediction makes double that estimate look increasingly possible by the end of the century. And warming the planet by 1.5 degrees suggests an estimate of six to seven metres increase by 2500. By the end of this century 150-200 million people could be on the move from land that will be under water by the end of century.

Only 3% of the world’s water is freshwater – and only a quarter of that is accessible from rivers, lakes or the ground. The demand for energy to increase food production will increase significantly. In the developed world, seven units of fossil fuel energy are needed to produce one unit of food energy.

The main cause for the issues mentioned above is the lack of human involvement with the activities impacting global warming.

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